(AKA Matt Krass)

Since he could reach the piano keys as a toddler, "Matty Roxx" has gravitated toward making music whenever and however possible. He has a knack for hearing songs or sounds just once and being able to recreate them on an instrument or by whistling. His musical talent and perfect pitch are hereditary, thanks to his grandfather, mother and uncle, not to mention his brother who provided the drumming while Matt played guitar during their basement-rattling teenage years. Now Matt works in education, leads various early childhood music programs, gives private guitar lessons, and is the music leader at various schools,

synagogues and camps in NY and NJ. He sees the amazement and creativity children have when they are face to face with a live musician. He encourages singing, movement, shaking a percussion instrument, or just grooving with the flow of the music, especially when he is home wiggling and giggling with his biggest fans, his sons and daughter.

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