Guitar Lessons

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Q-What type of lessons do you offer?

Matty offers private & group guitar lessons. Students of all levels are encouraged to take lessons.

Q-How much do private lessons cost?

Prices vary depending on skill level and lesson duration. Please contact Matty for specific pricing details.

Q-Do I have to pay for lessons ahead of time?

We understand that students need flexibility. We don't ask you to pay up front for a certain amount of lessons, however if you miss two lesson with less then a week's notice we will have to reassess this policy.

Q-Where are the lessons held?

Lessons can be held in your home or in a mutually agreed upon location.

Q-What can I expect to learn?

Students who are just beginning with learn basics such as:

-Open chords

-Strumming patterns

-To play simple songs

Intermediate students can focus on topics such as:

-Improvisation using pentatonic scales

-Bar chords

-Picking technique

Advances students may focus on topics such as:

-Music of specific artists

-Learning to play a particular style


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